About Boofie

Boofie’s long-time presence in the Reston area arms her with a unique perspective on real estate opportunities for both buyers and sellers. Having raised her family here and worked in Reston real estate for over 20 years, Boofie’s personal experience provides insights on community nuances and area home sales trends that can only be derived from this depth of knowledge and market savvy.

Boofie’s personal investment in enhancing the Reston area benefits clients as well. Her community involvement and first-hand knowledge of local events reflect her dedication to the area. This personal familiarity allows her to guide clients to the perfect property for their needs.

Last but not least, Boofie wields a secret weapon – a phenomenal inside team trained to provide critical market insights, quickly and efficiently. The Boofie O’Gorman team evolved from Boofie’s desire to preserve the highest level of service as her success generated increasing business demands. Although Boofie remains the core of the team, her colleagues provide the essential support which allows Boofie’s clients to enjoy truly comprehensive service. 

“My team is dedicated to enhancing my ability to better service my client base. Our unique business structure enhances our ability to work collegially and support each other, resulting in better served clients.”
Boofie O’Gorman