Buyer's Guide

How much is that house?
How much can I afford?
What kind of mortgage best fits my needs?
How much do I need for a down payment?
What kinds of problems can come up before settlement?
Do I need a home inspection?

Where do I start?

Buying a home can be a daunting proposition, even if you have done it before. It isn't something that one does frequently. All the things learned during your last process may have changed due to ever evolving regulations and customs surrounding the process.

The answers to the questions are different for each individual or family. The best place to begin is to find a qualified real estate professional to guide your way. A top-notch full time agent can assist you in exploring types of communities that meet your needs, defining home types, and helping to refer you to other quality professionals in the fields that will impact your transaction.

How do I find a good agent? What are the key components to look for?

Market knowledge is key to a real estate agent's ability to positively impact your search. Superior negotiating skills will allow her to create a strategy to achieve your goals. Access to the latest technology will ease your search and your path to closing. Attention to detail is important to making sure the closing happens on time with minimal stress.

Boofie and her team are committed to bringing you the best in client representation.

Their knowledge of the local market is excellent. They have significant experience negotiating contracts successfully for hundreds of purchasers. They would be happy to discuss how they would represent your best interests and how they can help you find just the right place to call home.